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Infants/Crawlers/Tots Class: Birth – 36 months

Enjoy activities in the areas of movement, sensory experience, music and exercise with your child. Parents will have the opportunity to share joy and concerns informally with other parents and the teacher. Children and parents will not separate in this class, which will meet on Wednesdays nights.

No classes at this time

Family Class: 3 – 5 year olds

The preschool years are filled with many exciting changes as your child begins to make friends, develop intellectually, physically and emotionally. They begin to accomplish tasks we often don’t expect at this early age. Your preschooler will love this time out together and the opportunity for your complete attention enjoying art, music, games and more. Children and parents will not separate for this class.

No classes at this time

Sibling Care:

There is no charge for sibling care. During the infant classes, older siblings will be playing outside or in the gym with the Para’s. During the 3-5 year old class, younger siblings will meet in a separate classroom with the Para’s or in the same classroom depending on needs of the children.

Parking: For family classes, please park and use the eat door by the school playground.